Video: Robert Lewis, California Driver Road Rage on Cyclist

Video: Robert Lewis, California Driver Road Rage on Cyclist

Watch a Local SoCal Surfer loose all control on Cyclist.

Who says surfers are laid back and hang loose? The following incident happened August 10, 2016 in Corona del Mar near Newport Beach. Southern California is known for its sunshine but its quickly becoming notorious for localism from surfers as a full lack of respect for a fellow citizen was demonstrated in this video.

In his tirade Robert Lewis says, “I outta smack you so fucking good. If there wasn’t any witnesses do you know what I’d do to you?”

Cyclists have the same rules and same rights as any other vehicle on the road. The driver, Robert Lewis of Newport Beach, said he didn’t understand share lane rules when he angrily confronted and berated the cyclist. But this is no way to treat another human being. We should all respect each other and set an example. The cyclist said his elbow was brushed by Lewis’s car before the argument ensued. Police are investigating the case.

A Southern California CBS local news affiliate tracked down the driver’s and asked him to explain his reaction to the viral video. That report can be seen here as part of CBS2 local news coverage.

As one Facebook user commented, “The Newport Beach Police Department needs to properly investigate these assaults upon cyclists. Failure to do so, as in this case, so far, sends the message that it’s okay to act hostile, it’s okay to road rage upon cyclists, and it may sadly end with more cyclists being injured and killed by drivers who will claim
it’s the cyclists’ faults.”

Sadly that speculation appears to be more factual than not as in 2016 more cyclists have been murdered by drivers in Los Angeles at a record pace with over 51 fatalities as of August 6th, as reported by Ted Rogers.

Clearly the cyclist knows his rights: vehicle code 21760 requires care taken when overtaking another vehicle. Any person riding a bicycles is allowed full use of the road and full use of the lane. Kudos to the cyclist for taking the high road.

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