Pozzato’s National Champ Sidi Ergo 2 Shoes

Pozzato’s National Champ Sidi Ergo 2 Shoes

pozzato-custom-shoes-sidi-ergoWhen Italian shoe-maker Sidi Sport celebrated the Italian National Champ with a custom pair of kicks earlier this month they probably didn’t want Team Katusha colors and National colors to clash, but damn these shoes are dull.

Maybe I shouldn’t have titled this article with boring because nothing about a pair of Ergo 2′s is boring – they are one hot shoe with more cool factors, fit and features than anything on the market but a simple Italian stripe down the side doesn’t cut it for me.

Take the National Football League. That’s right, American Football – the NFL. It takes a lot of money to score a touchdown in the NFL so celebration is expected, almost required in this day and age. You gotta dance, maybe spike the ball, even if it costs you a fine come Monday it takes a lot of work to get a football in the endzone in the NFL. And in this case Sidi fumbled.

Usually Sidi is known for their style, their flare, and they regularly deck their athletes out in some pretty dope shoes. This shoe represented their home countryman, Filippo Pozzato’s big National win so they had license to really show off but they didn’t. Now Pozzato will sport the colors of the Il Tricolore for a year but his shoes will appear mostly white… and a little boring.

Oh well, the Italian National Championships were held in the Bologna town of Imola one week before the Tour de France on June 29. Filippo Pozzato won ahead of Damiano Cunego.

pozzato-italian-national-jerseyNot terribly far off from a stock pair of Ergo 2′s, the special edition shoes show off the three colors of the Italian flag on the sides and the front Velcro strap. That’s it. Come ‘on, this is your homeboy Sidi!

Team Katusha jerseys are red, white and blue so maybe Sidi was trying to downplay the color combinations. But Pozzato is also the captain of Team Katusha, and he designed his own version of the Italian National Jersey and wore it during the Tour but was hounded by the Italian Cycling Federation for a lack of respect saying that his redesign “does not conform to the tricolore design.”

Winning the prestigious race allows him to wear the special jersey for one year as the representative of Italy and road racing… kind of like winning the Super Bowl. Care to dance Sidi?

The Italian Federation was upset with the design Team Katusha used because integrating the Italian colors to the sponsor’s logo resulted in very little green. Before the end of the Tour de France, apparel maker Santini delivered a new jersey to Team Katusha for Pozzato.

spainish_valverde_champProblems like this one have erupted before such as when Caisse d’Epargne captain Alejandro Valverde had to change his Spanish Champion jersey last year. In that instance it kept too much black from the standard Caisse d’Epargne team jersey than the nation’s traditional red and yellow stripes.

Filippo “Pippo” Pozzato has had a tremendous year. He also finished second in the 2009 Paris-Roubiax commenting that winner Tom Boonen benefited by using motocycles to expand his solo victory. Next year he may win the Paris-Roubaix and only then when he has cobbled, muddy grime on his shoes will his Sidi’s appear a little less boring.

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  1. matt says:

    It is called understated class, something italians understand and americans don’t.

  2. Mr. Hills says:

    Great comment. Thanks for chiming in, I’m glad you appreciate them!

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