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Euro Taste

The following is editorial opinion preaching to the choir.

blame it on Johan

blame it on Johan

Please Lance, if you are going to be around for another year will you please leave your ugly black cycling shoes at home? They have no place in the Tour de France and no place in Europe. All this talk about doping is wasted calories because the UCI needs to confiscate his shoes as soon as he deplanes in Charles de Gaule.

Unless I am mistaken only three riders in the 2009 edition of the Tour regularly wear black shoes: David Millar, Yaroslav Popovych and Lance Armstrong. Granted, here in America I see tons of black cycling shoes on the road every weekend (they are often accompanied by dated jerseys and helmet mirrors) but they just seem awkward in the European pro peloton these days. Many blog sites already agree.

Armstrong wears black socks all the time, which makes it seem like he’s wearing thermal booties in July, but he looks consistent — consistently like an old man. Blame it on Johan.

Millar seems to go back and forth with his socks but the black shoes certainly make him look British (if that makes any sense). Fellow Brit Bradley Wiggins also wears black socks and Lance tweeted about it after a mountain stage. But Popo almost always goes with the white sock/black shoe combo, perhaps as an homage to the old Russian national teams…or Cosmo Kramer.

But after watching endless hours of Tour coverage during July I realized with the exception of the aforementioned cases, the rest of the pack is white. This truly makes Popovych, Millar and Armstrong black sheep. Popo does it because he’s a slut to the American and Armstrong does it because he’s a tacky Midwestern frat boy.

lance_black_shoesIt’s funny that 99% of Europeans always wear black casual shoes but white cycling shoes are still very Euro. I watched a day of American football and discovered that even the rough and tumble badboy sport will still attract the skills players to wear mostly white shoes. The linemen wear black, but in the NFL it’s a tossup.

Speaking of Tour coverage, if you make nasty phone call to Directv about dropping Versus, you may or may not receive a bunch of movie channels through the end of the year gratis.

I digress, Sidi’s been doing it long before 1983, but white shoes became popular in the late 80’s when Andy Hampsten won the Giro in his white Lakes and then Delgado led the way for Time to outfit entire teams with their sweet looking white, grey and red kicks. I still think the second-generation Time model was probably the coolest looking cycling shoe ever. Or should I say…of all Time.

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