Lance Armstrong may prefer Rocket7 shoes over sponsor Nike

Lance Armstrong may prefer Rocket7 shoes over sponsor Nike

These photos taken last winter reveal that Lance Armstrong’s favorite shoe is probably his Rocket7’s.  This might come as a surprise since when Lance is racing he wears Nike.  However this might give us a peek at what’s inside his closet at home.


At Team Astana’s first American meet-and-greet training camp held in SouthernCalifornia it was clear Lance was riding Rocket7 shoes.


We can only speculate but these shoes were probably some he brought from home before Nike was able to equip the seven-time Tour de France champion. Since he has returned to racing he has been wearing Nike’s trademark swoosh.


Rocket7 cycling shoes are a special choice because they are created from a plaster cast of the rider’s feet. This kind of craftsmanship also makes them the most expensive line of custom shoes available.

Cycling Shoes Online has discussed Rocket7 shoes at length in an article before. We’ve also talked about why Lance’s choice of black shoes is interesting friction to pro cycling’s heritage.

Keep checking back with us for more on this. I have a feeling I can dig up some more juice on Lance’s private footwear.

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6 Responses to “Lance Armstrong may prefer Rocket7 shoes over sponsor Nike”

  1. Mike Mertz says:

    I love my R7′s!
    I went the full custom route after developing multiple bunions from many hours per week of riding. Before getting the R7′s I had to cut holes in my Northwaves to reliever the pressure on the bunions. My off the bike shoes even began to hurt my feet. It was an uncomfortable time. I went through the full Rx process and my feet are happier for it. The bunions went away!

    The shoes are way light for sure and you can feel it with the first pedal stroke. Zippy is the word I would use. I soon upgraded my Speedplay Zeros to the ti spindle model and I felt that same zippy feeling on the first pedal stroke. What a combo!

    The first season I had them, I wrecked a couple of times in the form of sliding on my sides. These slides caused two holes to open up in the leather and one hole all the way through the carbon fibre soles to the underlying foam core. I definitely began to doubt the durability of the R7′s at this point because of what I would of previously thought to be minor spills. During this period, the tiny rubber rands which encircle the sole of the shoe, are minimal at best and wore through toot sweet. Most of this wear of the rands was caused by putting my toe down on the pavement at stop signs and the like, while staying in the saddle. The wearing away of the rands subsequently exposed the underlying carbon fiber to potential wear. I knew something needed to be done so I called Brian at R7, who is no longer employed by R7 btw, and he said there would be quite a wait because fall and winter is their busy time. Arrgh!

    To repair all the above, I purchased some Freesole urethane shoe repair adhesive. I built little dams out of masking tape and then put on two layers of the adhesive, allowing the first layer to dry before applying the second layer. Worked like a million quid! This is especially evident on the rand dilemma I was experiencing and could now put my toe down at stop signs with abandon.

    Thanks for reading!


  2. Mr. Hills says:

    Dang, I’m digging your skills with shoe repair. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. At least it worked out for you in the end. Good to know about the durability for those who ride big miles like I know you do.

  3. John Brooks says:

    BE CAREFUL! I ordered a “standard” shoe from Rocket7 with Speedplay mounts and different colors – which means modified, so I can’t return them. I even paid them to send me a standard pair for test fitting before ordering.

    I’m not convinced they built them to the size I ordered. The arch support is much higher than any other shoes I’ve seen (a podiatrist checked my feet before I ordered and recommended standard arch supports), and there is not a smooth transition from the ball area of the foot to the arch support. The result, for me, is like peddaling with a rock in the shoe – I can’t even apply full force after 15 or 20 minutes, thus I can’t ride them. A VERY expensive mistake.

    The construction quality does look good. However, like I said above, the shoes fit differently than the test pair I tried on. The only difference between the test pair and my shoes was the Speedplay mount. Maybe the custom fits are better.

    I have been trying for 3 weeks to get in touch with Rocket7, just to find out if there was a mistake, and they have not responded at all — not even an acknowledgement of phone or email messages. Yes, they’re light and have definite cool factor, just make sure you can communicate with them after you purchase – like maybe going to a dealer – I went through the web. Good luck!

  4. sdf says:

    I have owned R7′s for 2 years with shimano spd’s. I read a fixed gear at least a couple of thousand miles a year. The gearing is 53×13 and I love the R7′s. These are stock size with the only customiztion being they are black instead of silver. The difference between these and previous pearl’s and shimano’s I have owned is amazing. Unfortunatley it looks like they are not in business any more. Oh well, these will last a few more years anyway. I have had no problem with wear around the bottom, but I do a track stand at lights.

  5. Olivier says:

    Does someone know where i could buy the Armstrong’s MTB shoes?
    You can check these shoes on this website:

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