Sockguy Cycling Socks

Sockguy Cycling Socks

sockguy_special_socksSockguy always has a couple surprises for friends and dealers at Interbike.

First they gave Twitter the figurative bird with a special sock that asked “who gives a f***?” on the instep.

Then their other pair honored the artwork of Hawaiian tattoo legend Sailor Jerry and his spiced rum. Wearing these socks are the ultimate chance to give your riding buddy a little FU on the final climb when you pass him and offer this “Aloha.” The socks are still white but hardcore enough for a little pre-ride posturing at any club ride lineup.

This isn’t the first time Sockguy has been known for hilariously commenting on cycling and society, their Dr. Fuentes classic would still be worthy of mainstream production. But unfortunately these special edition socks only show up once a year for insiders only and won’t be found for sale anywhere except in a lucky search on eBay.

Still, these socks are an example of Sockguy’s comfort and craftsmanship. A pair of Sockguy socks will keep your feet super cozy and cranking for years. Their crew socks like the Sailor Jerry’s wick away moisture keeping feet dry even when the heat is on. They are knit to eliminate wrinkles and hot spots so they feel as good as they fit. Besides a little more cuff up the leg is sometimes more fashionable and fun instead of common cycling sock. They are also a little warmer for early mornings and cooler temperatures.

Plus these socks are all examples of Sockguy’s ability to create a custom look for any shop or team kit. But Sockguy makes a wide range of colorful and fun footwear. With so many sock designs to choose from you’ll be sure to find a favorite style. Their socks come in two sizes and all Sockguy socks are made in the USA.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Price: $9.95

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2 Responses to “Sockguy Cycling Socks”

  1. Little Jimmy says:

    My favorite Sock Guy socks have a bomb and a quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer on them. Who’d thunk they’d ever come up with something for that very, very, very niche market? Sock Guy rules!

  2. Mr. Hills says:

    Agreed Jimmy, I like how individual sock designs add color to our sport. Conversation pieces that make riding fun.

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