Biomac Bio-MxC2 Road Shoes

Biomac Bio-MxC2 Road Shoes

CyclingNews has just published a review of a exotic new road shoe from Europe.

The Biomac Bio-MxC2 is an incredibly light and stiff shoe, but the fit may be controversial. That’s because the pedal cleats line up under your arch not along the ball of your foot. The idea may have logic but it may not have legs, only time will tell. If you currently ride with the pedal under the ball of your foot it may take some time for your sprint to come back to this design.

Biomac makers, and fitness coaching star Joe Friel argue that by moving the cleats back to the arch “might” considerably reduce calf workload leaving more oxygen and energy for larger muscle groups to produce more total power efficiently. In other words, the new position might allow you to go faster for longer with no additional training thanks to the mechanical leverage.

Personally, I used to ride with my cleats pushed back towards my arches for years. Then after a custom fit, I moved my cleats up just below my metatarsal bone and the results were astonishing – my legs got stronger and my spin evened out. I’ll be keeping them under the ball of my foot for now.

biomac_cycling_shoesThe construction of the Biomac shoes is suspect as well. Reporter James Huang notes the visible glue lines along the carbon soles and the strap enclosures don’t quite line up well. That may not sound like good news, but out of the box the shoes appear to perform very well. Who knows what condition they might be in after a couple thousand kilometers. Plus, the footbed sounds uncomfortable from almost no padding so you’ll want to drop in your own insoles to avoid hot spots and problems.

The bottom line on these shoes may be too pricey for your closet anyway. They cost over $712 in the United States. Ouch!

Colors: White
Sizes: 39-50
Weight: 348 g
Price: $712

Read the CyclingNews Review here.

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6 Responses to “Biomac Bio-MxC2 Road Shoes”

  1. DG says:

    “The construction of the Biomac shoes is suspect as well.”

    No, it isn’t. Have you ever actually seen the shoes or are you just regurgitating something you read on the internet?

  2. Mr. Hills says:

    Yeah, since I published this Cycling News article I have seen these shoes in person. They aren’t constructed quite as well as I expected for such a high price tag, but they are dope no doubt. Fun, crazy, special, cool shoes for sure.

  3. Götz Heine says:

    Hello Mr. Hill,
    fit is no problem when you hand in appropriate data of your feet. Cleats can be placed wherever you want them to be mounted – ball-above and/or arch-above axle – your choice. The construction is not suspect for those who actually r i d e the shoes. As to be witnessed at this year’s RAAM where two of the three podium athletes happily accepted gpossible non-toxic glue lines and velcro straps which enclosed the foot without any pressure on joints and bones throughout almost 5oooKms.

  4. Mr. Hills says:

    Hello Götz,
    Thanks for speaking out. I appreciate you taking the time and can imagine the passion you have for these exciting shoes. Custom is something on every rider’s tongue today.

    I would love to get my hands on a pair of these to try them out. There aren’t many around in the United States yet. Any chance you would be interested in submitting a pair for an in-depth and intimate review?

  5. Heine, Götz says:

    send your data as described in the customizing section of my site and we’ll see whether we find a test pair or whether we’ll have to make a pair. Everything else can be sorted out via mail.
    Kind regards,
    Götz Heine

  6. guy smith says:

    i have used the shoes for a few years now. despite their ‘light’ construction mine are still performing as they did on the first day. the upper looks like crap but still functioning perfectly (no complicated bindings etc to go wrong?). I’ve crashed them and scraped them and still no problem. I added more protection to my sole early on so walking hasnt been an issue. the comfort is excellent, i think the cleat positioning helps in avoiding hotspots (never had one in these shoes). new pair just ordered so i can send the old ones back for new uppers (is that an option with any other maker?). I just tried a friends forefoot cleated shoe (to test his amazing new bike). Naturally, I’m conditioned but the traditional positioning just felt totally wrong. I cant explain all the science but it just feels right.

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