Dial your Speedplay Pedals with a Pro Fit Kit

Dial your Speedplay Pedals with a Pro Fit Kit

Look for your local bike shop to have a new weapon in their custom fit department – Speedplay’s Pro Fit Case.

Many riders are hampered by knee, ankle or back issues constantly. It’s a pretty common problem both on the bike and after a ride. While the solution may be found in many areas, the center of the pain is often rooted in the pedals.

speedplay_road_pedalNow Speedplay is offering a new tool kit to help bike shops properly fit and sell its pedals (see pictures in the gallery below.) The Pro Fit Case comes with an arsenal of tricks offering five different spindle lengths, fore-aft extender base plates, shims, wedges and cleat fastening screws. All those options make quite a bag.

Speedplay has been a popular pedal maker for a long time and this special tool kit evolved after years of customer service. Sharon Worman, president and co-founder of Speedplay was happy to announce the Speedplay’s launch into the custom world.

Because of their simple design, Speedplay has been long-lauded for their pain-free pedals virtually eliminating knee injuries. Usually out of the box a set of Speedplays would guarantee you to a pain-free ride but now the kit, enhances their design to providing a complete orthopedic adjustment. These solutions can be made to Speedplay’s Zero, Light Action and X Series pedals.

custom_fit_proIf your local bike shop is a serious enough retailer interested in custom fit, they can fine tune pedal fit to account for previous injuries, discrepancy between the lengths of your legs and foot alignment problems. However, the kit isn’t free and will cost your shop about $575 bones.

“Serotta, Trek, Specialized and Bike Fit have all embraced this tool,” said Richard Bryne, co-founder and chief executive officer of Speedplay. Bryne, who had just returned from a tour of shops in the Portland area, said the kit has also met with “extraordinary” reception from shops. Portland is a hotbed of custom-fit cycling.
“Fit has become a big part of business at pro shops. It has a real perceived value. The Pro Fit Case adds value to the fitting process,” said Speedplay sales manager David Alvarez. For years Speedplay had provided custom parts but the new Pro Fit Case combines all their development into a unique package.

If you haven’t thought of Speedplay in awhile, this might be reason to take another look.

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