Rocket7 Custom Cycling Shoes

Rocket7 Custom Cycling Shoes


sexy custom carbon heels aren't easy to make

The idea was simple. By creating a one-piece carbon fiber that comprised the sole and heel cup, energy would be maximized as the rider pulls through at the bottom of each pedal stroke. However, this idea was unconventional because made shoe building very difficult.

Rocket7 has now spent over a decade making that ultimate fit into a reality, and their hand-laid carbon fiber soles are the heart of Rocket7’s performance.

Rocket7 shoes are probably the lightest in the world. Even with Mavic’s new claims that they make the lightest shoes on the market, Rocket7 rocket7_cycling_shoesprobably remains the champ. I looked it up, and while Mavic claims their D’Huez shoes to be 193 grams a shoe, Rocket7’s weigh a mere 190 grams. They achieve that weight by using the most expensive carbon fiber available on the market. The 3K carbon fiber weave they lay is the same grade of tightly woven carbon the aerospace industry builds space shuttles from. The definition of ultralightweight is a Rocket7.

custom footbeds with carbon are rare

custom footbeds with carbon are rare

Rocket7 offers both custom shoes and custom footbeds. The process for ordering a pair of insoles goes like this. They ship you a foam casting box that you step into to make an accurate impression of your arch. You send it back and your custom footbeds are fabricated directly from that impression.

You can combine your new custom footbeds with a pair of stock Rocket7’s or your existing shoes. These can be ordered online starting at just $109, a reasonable price for custom insoles.
But you can go even further. For the ultimate custom fit, Rocket7 makes a pair of Rx Prescription shoes.

In their top of the line model they take a plaster cast of your foot and make a fully-customized shoe. These castings can only be made by a pedorthist or Doctor of Pediatric Medicine. And the price of the shoe (around $1,450) does not include the casting fees set by the doctor. And you thought Sidi’s were pricey.

custom_foot_plasterWith the Prescription shoe you get a choice of colors, cleat mounting options and the custom integrated footbeds mentioned before. The time dedicated to crafting these cycling shoes is very intensive so they take months before they are delivered to you.

With all of this care and attention to each pair of shoes the athletes that wear them like Dave Zabriskie, Julian Dean and Geoff Kabush are some of the best examples of cycling professionals.

My friend ordered a pair and when he got his he reported “an excess amount of material that comprises the uppers. Even too much for my bunions?” But he did remark that his shoes were light and now wears them every day.

Rocket7 gives its clientele a whole new level of custom by offering free embroidery on the Rx shoes. This allows you to have your name stitched on the heel of your foot. The result is a one of a kind work of art.

custom_time_trial_shoesRocket7 offers a full line of models. They make mountain bike shoes, triathlon shoes and even a time trial specific shoe that offers a slipstream advantage over others. Those include a carbon fiber faring that sweeps across the upper portion of the enclosure.

A pair of Rocket7 shoes would be the once in a lifetime investment that most passionately reflects your love for cycling.

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