Scott Road Limited Shoes

Scott Road Limited Shoes

scott_road_limited_cycling_shoeYou don’t need to rely on a pair of Sidi shoes to look good, not anymore.

Scott USA has introduced a new road shoe and it looks dynamite. While at first glance they look more like a soccer player’s football shoe, turning heads at the post-ride coffee shop just got a whole lot easier.

I’m sure Scott would like to sell a few of these shoes so I’m glad to help them with a few slogan suggestions for their ad’s.

How about…

“Own the Jet without the Set.”

“Winner Best in Bike Porn 2009″

“The Speed Part is not Limited”

That should give them a few ideas. Hey guys, I own the rights to those and I do have a subscription to VeloNews. I’ll be watching.

The press release I’m reading here says the Scott Road Limited was designed for professional road cyclists. But to my liking this shoe looks as sleek and trendy as an eye-catching Rock Racing Team Jersey.

At 460 grams a pair these may be one of the lightest and stiffest offerings available this year. The shoe has a lightweight carbon outsole and Scott’s ram air system to transfer more power directly to the pedals. A 3D ventilation mesh runs along the entire upper making these a perfect bet for a ride in Palm Springs.

Like Specialized’s S-Works shoe, the Scott Limited’s use a BOA closure system. While the Specialized shoe looks tougher than the Scotts, these will be tough to beat on a pretty day.

The heel is cradled from an anatomical AHC carbon cut that also stabilizes the fit.

My final verdict is that a pair of these Road Limited Shoes are probably best suited for the city-dwelling techno-weight-weenie rather than all-day touring or pedal-mashing types looking for a robust shoe.

The list price in your local bike shop will probably sport a price tag around $299, but I’ve already seen them available online for much less.

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2 Responses to “Scott Road Limited Shoes”

  1. CliveDS says:

    Have been riding a pair for over a year now and they are perhaps the best shoes I have ever owned.
    Light, stiff and always feel like nothing on my feet. Racing and training they are tops.

  2. jon burrage says:

    How do you release the boa system? I have just bought a pair and mine wont loosen.

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