Shimano SH-TR51 Triathlon Shoe (Women’s too)

Shimano SH-TR51 Triathlon Shoe (Women’s too)

shimano_sh-tr51_shoeShimano has been in the triathlon game for a long time now. It was their oversized transition loop that made them the first company to bring a real tri shoe to the market.

Then they improved their shoe with the SH-TR50, improvements focused on breathability.
Now the Shimano SH-TR51 has been launched. Now Shimano has reinforced the heel cup making it stronger and added a carbon sole that makes it stiffer than its predecessor.

shimano-tri-tr511Also there’s better ventilation and sweeter synthetic micro fiber leather and neoprene that also adds support to the uppers and makes it easier to get on in the transition zone. The neoprene is seamless and creates a quick dry atmosphere inside the shoe for comfort without socks.

There are also pads on the outsole for added protection in case you knock your heels while bouncing around a minefield of bikes.

What makes a triathlon shoe credible is the ease in which it goes on your foot. Shimano’s design is a winner with the oversized entry target strap on the back heel helping you make those transitions onto the bike even faster.

trishoe_oversized_entry2I admit that I am not a triathlete but these shoes make me wish I were. There is even an added honeycomb mesh vent on the tip of the shoe toe to help dry your feet more quickly. With all these features, the new generation of the SH-TR51 remains the best triathlon shoe on the market.

The shoe also comes in a women’s version that has a stunning design. While the construction is made for a woman’s foot, the carbon fiber composite sole remains and instead of blue racing stripes like the men’s version the women’s model has green stripes. While at first look that color might make some women unsure, in the sunlight the green does not stand out against the white body of the shoe.

womens_shimano_tri_shoeIn fact the women’s shoe is striking and very sporty looking. Most women’s cycling shoes don’t look this good. In these pictures the shoe might appear a little spacey, but for my taste they look much better in real life.

Shimano has also included some nice artwork and stitched writing on the Velcro strap that should satisfy the ladies.

Both shoes weigh in around 554 grams although several sources report that the men’s shoe may a few grams lighter. The men’s shoe also offers half sizes between 37 and 46.5. The lady’s shoe comes in whole sizes from 36 to 44.

Compared to the Shimano SH-TR31, the performance in the SH-TR51 gets a little better when it adds a full carbon sole, more ventilation and neoprene in the improved heel cup.

Since these shoes were just introduced this year you’ll feel safe to know that it’s hard to beat $240 per shoe for both women and men.

Weight: 554 g
Price: $239

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