Cycling Shoes styled to look like Tennis Shoes

Cycling Shoes styled to look like Tennis Shoes

bicycle_heelsIf you’re spinning towards the beach or the park and looking for a tennis style shoe you can wear while you throw the Frisbee around – check these ideas out.

I’m not talking about flat pedal BMX-style shoes, these will all work with clipless pedals if you choose, accepting Shimano-style SPD cleats made for mountain biking.

But you don’t have to use them that way, just don’t cut the rubber out of the bottoms when you buy. You can save that project for later if you decide to upgrade the pedals on your bike and go clipless.

One thing to remember when shopping for casual, tennis-style cycling shoes is how to keep the laces from getting caught in the cranks and chainrings. I’ve ruined more than ten shoelaces with the chainring guillotine so be aware.

If you’re afraid of looking too goofy at the coffee shop try these five street styles that still play the role of ultimate cross trainer…

pearl_izumi_tennisPEARL IZUMI X-ALP LOW – $90

Low cut construction for light, fast feel that will have you running. With all the mesh built-in you they will dry quickly if you get wet.

The laces are held back with a strap that Velcros across the upper.  Pearl Izumi also offers a mid-top model and more colors depending on the season as well as a women’s style.


cannondale_cyclingshoeLike the others my favorite feature in this shoe is the lace containment unit on the tongue to keep laces secure and away from the crank. The sole is a little stiffer for pedaling efficiency, but when you’re off the bike the heel has a dual compound meant to absorb shock.

They also come in black. The retail price might be close to $80, but I’ve seen them on sale for as little as $60 so they might be hard to find. Still, Cannondale has been making shoes for a long time and they come out with new styles all the time. There should be similar items available.

shimano_tennis_cyclingSHIMANO SH-FN22 – $89

This highly ventilated mesh shoe is as versatile as it is well made. The seamless interior allows you the freedom to go sockless.  The shank plate keeps the sole from marking up gymnasium floors and flexes for running comfort.

Shimano classifies this as an indoor cycling shoe making it an obvious choice for checking out spin classes at the fitness center.

An antibromic, antibacterial insole reduces smelly odors – even in the ladies style.
The laces sport almost has as much webbing as mesh. And like the Cannondale the integrated lace strap holds the laces safely in place.

Because it’s all black your kids may think you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow…  but no promises.

specialized_tennis_cyclingSPECIALIZED BG SONOMA SHOE – $75

Black is the trend for casual cycling but Specialized forgets the laces and gets back to Velcro basics. This also sports real suede leather in parts of the upper but adds reflective material on the toe and heel to keep you safer after hours.

Like the Cannondale, Specialized has a TrailTraction midsole plate is stiff for cycling, but flexible for walking.  The SPD compatible sole has a smooth walking tread.

The women’s style comes in two color choices.

Bontrager makes one like this with their $100 Street model, but I just don’t like it as much. They were trying for the corporate commute, but I like the chances Exustar’s Touring shoe takes instead. If you want a Bontrager, go for the Race Mountain which is also about $99, it’s not the formal inclanation but it will give you the eSole feature if you care.


For the spontaneity of summer cycling and sunset jaunts down to the local brewpub throw these Jesus shoes on and stay cool to the last drop.

Shimano pioneered the idea, but Keen might have perfected the design.

The added toe protection is nice to the shield your toes from bumps or flying pebbles. A laced drawcord closure quicklocks with a secure fit and a Microbe Shield liner is built in to keep odor to a minimum.

The Keen sandal comes in a women’s version too.

So now you have some ideas about cycling shoes that are styled to both ride in and hike in. If you still need more ideas you might ask the ladies of Denmark.

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